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Website Design

I currently offer website design.
I am flexible and willing to work with you to come up with the look thats best for you. If you do not know what type of website you are looking for I can find some templates to fit your tastes and we can go from there. In order to protect my interests I require 1/2 of the agreed upon cost to be paid before I begin major development. Price is determined based on the amount of development time it will take, and the level of complexity of the website.

There are many different types of websites. Here are a few:

  • E-Commerce/ Store Front
  • Personal Homepage
  • Community/ Forum
  • Company/ Business Website
  • News Portal

Examples of Prior work:
  • Thompson Mailing - HTML/ Php website with a MS Sql databased back-end. Includes a client area with abilities to upload files, notify customer reps, dynamically view their client directory contents. Also has an admin area for creating users, setting permissions and performing misc tasks.
  • CC-Comp - HTML/Php Wordpress Blog & Community. Invision Powerboard Community with over 9000 Registered Users (Currently owned and maintained by me)
  • Cix Tech - HTML/Php website.
  • Toni's Enchanting Bracelets - *IN PROGRESS* - HTML/CSS/ Php Includes Email contact form/ order form for email orders.
  • Great Valley Pool Service Html/Css/Php. Includes an Store with with Access DB Back-end and an admin area for managing orders, as well as email notification of orders.
  • GMS Growth Management Strategies - HTML/CSS/Php MySQL DB Back-end. Includes a registration & file download system including a back-end utility for viewing file statistics.
  • Joshua And Amy - HTML/CSS/Php Includes a contact form with email notification.
  • NBACU Credit Union - HTML/CSS/ ASP website with a MS Sql databased back-end.
  • The Gamers Nation - Incomplete - HTML/ Php website partially integrated with Invision Power boards. Also included a cheats area with a MySQL Back-end
  • DGK Group *offline* - HTML/Php website.